Monday, April 9, 2012


What do you guys browse with? I have to use my Transformer Prime. An amazing device, but it can't do things a regular computer running Windows, due to it being a tablet running Android OS, albeit, that docks into a keyboard, making it a netbook. This is my primary device for internet access, communication (besides cell phone) and entertainment, now that my Xbox 360 died. It seems to do the job pretty well, I haven't even considered returning it..the 30 day return period is up anyway, I couldn't take it back even if I wanted to. That, and the fact that I voided warranty "rooting" it. 
Oh well, I plan on getting a laptop soon, (soon is very subjective, that could mean next year) and using it for games, etc. like I used to, and use this little Transformer or note-taking, and light tasks.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

This is the start of something new! Although the name of the blog sounds rather serious, don't expect that. It's just a cover-up for anything random really. I don't mind talking about other things that interest me, everything can be here, rants, random video games, music. EVERYTHING. If I think it, I'll -probably- post it.